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Tale Of Felluah Vol. 5 Part 3b + Nabi Vol.16 Part 4b [End Vol.16]

25th March 2016

Another release! :D It’s definitely better (for my sanity) to break up the parts as it helps me get through them faster. We’re now moving onto Volume 17 of Nabi, yay! ^^

I’m still also in the process of uploading the older releases for both series – unfortunately after my sister’s wedding, I caught a terrible flu and haven’t been able to do much. But I’m much better now :P

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Tale Of Felluah Vol. 5 Part 3a + Nabi Vol.16 Part 4a

16th March 2016

Another smaller release, just so I don’t leave you waiting too long :D I hope everyone enjoys! After volume 5 of Tale of Felluah, we’ll be changing over to magazine scans.


Note: There might be a delay in being able to see the Chapter on Batoto. We have uploaded the chapter, however it does need to get approved by the moderators there.

Tale Of Felluah Vol. 5 Part 2b + Nabi Vol.16 Part 3

13th March 2016

Yes, you’re not imagining it! It’s a release :D It’s been yonks but I hope you enjoy these releases.

I don’t know when the next release will be as my sister is getting married within a week, but I’m aiming to be more consistent *cough*wherehaveyouheardthatbefore*cough*. I am truly aiming though to try and first catch up to the latest Tale of Felluah, then Nabi :D

Also, all our older uploads have been removed. I’m still in the process of uploading them so please be patient.

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